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Machinery Relocation

With over 12 years experience working in the food and beverage equipment supply industry; the staff at GFM International have a good understanding on how factories operate and the need to keep the lines producing. It is this understanding that has helped GFM International secure contracts from major equipment suppliers and food manufacturers for the installation of new equipment into existing lines.

The work needs to be carried out safely, efficiently, within a designated time frame with minimal disruption to the remainder of the factory. As GFM understand the requirements of the factory with the correct planning the disruption can be kept to a minimum.

A highly flexible workforce that can work outside of normal hours, around the clock with multiple shifts and find new and alternative ways of ingressing equipment into the factory.

To keep overheads under control GFM have a list of approved suppliers for electrical works, conveyor supply, steel fabrications, access platforms and process systems and equipment.

The end result is a project delivered on time within budget and little or no disruption to the on-going operations.
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